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The Bus Stop – Where Memories and Fun Meet with Toots & De’Shoots

Welcome to “The Bus Stop,” your go-to place for all the latest happenings, heartwarming stories, and delightful memories created with “Lil Toots,” our cherished 1980 VW Vanagon turned photo booth. Here, we celebrate the joy and nostalgia that “Lil Toots” brings to every event and the community it serves.

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Join Toots & De’Shoots at the Cascades Wedding Show!

Discover the charm of ‘Lil Toots’ at the Cascades Wedding Show. Toots & De’Shoots brings a unique, vintage photo booth experience to your special day! The Cascades Wedding Show: A Must-Visit for Future Brides and Grooms! We&#82…

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Share Your “Lil Toots” Story!

Have a story or a memorable experience with “Lil Toots”? We’d love to hear from you! Share your moments and photos, and let’s spread the joy and nostalgia that “Lil Toots” brings to every occasion.

Join us at ‘The Bus Stop’ regularly for updates, stories, and the endless adventures of ‘Lil Toots’!

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